Discount From Turkish Airlines For Students Who Prefer Turkish Universities

07 Ekim 2022

Services Exporters' Association is implementing projects one after another to reach the export target of 110 billion dollars. Services Exporters' Association and Turkish Airlines, which signed a cooperation protocol in August to work on patients coming from abroad, joined forces this time for the educational services sector.
  • The 20% discount will be given (on base fare) for both round-trip and one-way flights.
  • The discount can be used for students who enroll in universities in Turkey for the first time in 2022 and 2023 and their 3 relatives.
  • Students will be able to send the document showing that they are newly registered to their university in Turkey to and make their ticketing either through the sales office or by requesting a promo code.
  • Flights can only be from Sao Paolo. It will not be possible to depart from different cities of Brazil, which we call interline flights (cities where Turkish Airlines does not offer direct flights).
  • If the student chooses to use a promo code, it will be mandatory to be a member of Miles&Smiles, the Turkish Airlines loyalty program. (The family will not have such an obligation)