Greetings from the Chairman

Greetings from the ChairmanDear Service Exporters,

The first and only establishment Service Exporters' Association as the umbrella organization of service exportation of Turkey currently offers activities related to service industry and we aim to develop even further Turkey's service exportation figures with our contributions.

Global exportation share of service industry that presently constitutes around 2/3 of the total national income is over 6 trillion US Dollars. Turkey holds approximately 1% of this large cake and our aim is to climb this ratio much higher within the context of Vision-2023.

Needless to say, that it is only with your much valuable efforts, sacrifices and hard work that we can achieve this aim. With this opportunity I would like to invite you all to our Association to mold the future of our industry with your contribution to our Association. Here you will also expand your own exportation size by benefiting from members-only services. I wish good luck to all exporters on our path towards 2023.

Chairman Ilker AYCI / HIB (SEA-Service Exporters' Association)